Why Consider Coaching?

January 21, 2019

Helping leaders open their eyes to challenges, interpret complexity and access creativity

We live in a world of growing complexity and disruption. Ever increasing demands are being placed on financial services organisations by regulators, clients and the societies they operate in. Executives are expected to guide their organisations into an uncertain future. And leaders need to deliver business success whilst navigating the dynamic landscape they operate in.

At Blacklight Advisory we believe great businesses are a consequence of the social, intellectual and commercial capital they create. This in turn underpins the organisational creativity, innovation and responsiveness needed to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

In order to overcome these challenges, getting a deeper understanding of individual learning needs and required capabilities is important to improve existing skills and develop creative ways of thinking. To achieve this, introspection and increased levels of self-awareness are key. According to Forbes increased self-awareness of leaders positively influences organisational effectiveness and helps them build more productive relationships. Coaching can help provide these insights to support leaders improve their adaptability and strengthen their resilience.

How can we help?

Helping individuals make their mark

At Blacklight Advisory we have many years of combined experience as consultants and coaches in the financial services industry. We understand the complex and regulated context in which individuals and teams operate. We believe that coaching can help organisations to achieve the high performance and sustainable growth required to thrive.

We look at coaching using a systemic lens. We focus on the individual and the context they operate in; the impact they have on their environment and the influence of the environment on them. Our coaching approach focuses on the interaction between personal experiences, the goals and culture of the organisation and external factors of influence.

Coaching can help leaders and teams to work towards professional growth and excellence. To achieve this, deepening core capabilities, enhancement of self-awareness and development of the ability to reason and reflect are key. A study by McKinsey shows that leaders that receive tailored learning programmes like individual coaching have a higher likelihood to succeed in their role. Our approach supports our clients through the tough, hidden and influential challenges that really affect their role and their teams’ performance.

What can we do?

Giving leaders creative tools

We offer a variety of coaching programmes for individuals and teams in their pursuit of continuous development and professional improvement. We also have the capability to provide face to face as well as virtual coaching to support our clients accordingly.

Each coaching journey starts with a chemistry session for the client to select a coach to work with. A typical coaching relationship consists of 8-10 coaching sessions during which the client and coach work towards upfront articulated and agreed goals and objectives.

We focus on four areas of coaching; executive/board, C-suite, high potential talent and bespoke coaching programmes.

Executive/board coaching is where we create a space for executives to explore their leadership styles and find solutions to the unique challenges they and their organisations face

C-suite coaching provides the opportunity for our clients to explore the self and understand their role as manager and leaders to drive transformation innovation and achieve business, performance

High potential talent coaching is where we can help develop and strengthen skills to deepen insights and enable changes required for professional growth and personal development

Bespoke coaching programmes are holistic and interconnected coaching journeys we can design to support individuals, teams and the organisation as a collective.

Who are our coaches?

We have a diverse team of highly skilled coaches with many years of experience across multiple industries and geographies all over the world. Working with a coach that suits the style of the individual or group is key to having a successful learning journey.

Each coaching journey is personalised to ensure it encapsulates the needs of the individual or group in the context of the organisation’s environment. Our coaches will be challenging throughout the coaching journey without ever losing sight of the process and the set goals and objectives.

Our coaches have assisted our clients and their people to tackle the questions of leadership, change, development and growth. They are highly skilled and use technical and practical approaches to enable individuals and teams to learn about themselves as professionals.

Our team has affiliations, accreditations and links with the institutions below. This puts us at the forefront of cutting edge developments in the field of coaching and development. All our coaches are professionally supervised. For more information, please contact us.

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