It may feel easier for us to come in and tell you what to do,
but we aren’t experts in your business, you are.

We work in partnership with you to tailor things to suit your unique situation and challenges. We work with decision makers in organisations because the way we work involves making decisions and not plugging in ready made ‘solutions’.

With decades of experience in facilitation, we are experts in creating environments where leaders can engage in dialogue through creative and generative processes. This helps us to co-create the most appropriate solutions that are unique to each client’s context.

the way we deliver our work is unique to Blacklight, based on our core values:

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    Constructive Challenge:
    Whether by asking questions or saying nothing at all, we create the collaborative conditions whereby we safely confront and think through complex problems with our clients, colleagues and others

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    Creating meaning:
    Through enquiry, exploration and diagnosis we interpret, learn and take meaning in our work and bring meaningful change to all that we do

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    Good character:
    In every aspect of our work, exceptional behaviour, standards of professionalism and the duty of care for our clients, associates and team are our utmost priority

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    We fundamentally believe in our process, capability and experience but with a strong sense of humility – and whilst we will always bespoke what we do for our clients, we will not sacrifice our core principles or deviate from our purpose

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    We respect and invite difference in all forms as it defines our identity, it creates richness of perspective and enables depth in empathy and insight


Some examples of our work

Cookery school

We believe that by immersing our clients in simulated situations we’re able to create a microcosm of their organisations, from which we can extract real insight. We use this immersive approach as part of ongoing engagements. We work with a fantastic, sustainable cookery school to create a cooking experience through which teams and leaders can…


Leapfrog C-Suite video

Understanding your own leadership style and the effect it has on your organisation is a key component in becoming a successful leader. We have partnered with LeapFrog Investments to develop C-Suite talent within their portfolio companies, equipping them with the skills needed to lead their organisations into the future. Over three days we worked with…