FCA article – Corporate culture – grasping the ungraspable

An incisive piece by Ajit Menon and Allen Zimbler on organisational culture in the Financial Conduct Authority‘s publication Insight. They offer a counter view to measurement and highlight the importance of a holistic assessment of culture. An important viewpoint in the ongoing culture debate. Read Article

Riding the (Second) Wave

New Year’s Eve was quiet at our house, as I am sure it was for many of you around the world. 2020 was an unexpected and extraordinary year in our lives. We learnt new ways of working, living and relating. The virtual world presented us with innumerable possibilities from home schooling to connecting with friends […]

World Mental Health Day

During a workshop last year on the role of leaders in maintaining mental health in teams, we spoke about what mental health looked like and how it could be fostered and maintained. We spoke about statistics that estimated that 25% of UK adults experienced mental health difficulties in any given year. How things have changed […]

A way out of the woods – Webinar

Our co-founder Ajit Menon hosted a webinar with Dr. Allen Zimbler entitled ‘A way out of the woods.’ Allen told three excellent stories about organisations recovering from crisis. He also gave us pointers on what leaders and organisations need to consider as we start to come out of the Covid 19 situation. You can watch […]

Leading Remotely: Ideas to create a more connected team

We hosted a webinar facilitated by Andy Lyon with inputs from Trevor Hough and Jack Pijl (MSc Psych). They spoke about creating an environment where teams can connect with each. They also spoke about how leaders can provide a ‘safe’ space for their colleagues whilst taking care of themselves. You can watch a recording of […]

The Tarantula

We devote our lives to avoiding having to face the unknown. Our compass, our maps, our psychological ‘Sat Navs” are all set up to equip us with predictability, direction, meaning, and momentum. Mostly, we must know where we are; where we should be; and how we must act. Many of us are conforming creatures of the familiar that crave the rules of […]

When helping does not help

Last week was a real test; of resilience, strength, patience and multi-tasking. As the parent of a school going child, like many others around the country and the world for that matter, juggling home working and home schooling was a struggle. I am used to multi-tasking and working on multiple projects at the same time, […]

Don’t be a hostage

We have been taken hostage not just by an infectious little spec, but by the considerable power it wields to inflict fear, pain and loss into our lives. For the first time in the lives of many of us we have a gun to our heads, and we are under threat both physically and psychologically. […]


Captain Blackadder: This is a crisis. A large crisis. In fact, if you got a moment, it’s a twelve-storey crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying ‘This Is a Large Crisis’. A large crisis requires a large plan! And yes, Captain Blackadder, we are in crisis. COVID-19 is one of those Black Swan […]

Insights from our Executive Roundtable

What is culture and what is its impact on organisations? This was the discussion theme for Blacklight’s Round-table Dinner held recently. Our guests included senior leaders from a host of notable businesses and distinguished representatives from academia. The backdrop was a stunning view of the sparkling Thames bordered by the historic white walls of Shakespeare’s […]